This is my new blog. I have a lot of things on my mind lately, so this is where I am going to crap them all out. I think I’ll mostly post random crap that clogs up my brain all day long. Gotta free up the space for all that other important crap. Not sure where this will go yet, but I’m sure i’ll come up with something.

For now, i’ll share something I did while bored today. I shaved off my beard. It was an impulse decision. The weird part was that the impulse came yesterday, but I didn’t have the chance to shave it off. So i kept the impulse going. Now i’m breaking out like i’m 15 and its literally dropped 15 degrees on my face. The worst part is that I kinda have big hair right now. Without the hair on my face to balance it out I have a straight up fro. If i can’t get haircut before this weekend i’m either gonna have to wear a hat 24/7 or buy some military grade hair gel. Well thats my hello post, i’ll figure this thing out over the next few weeks. Schweet!


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