A List of Thoughts I Had In Vegas

In no particular order:

I’m very good at blackjack on weekdays

I’m very bad at blackjack on the weekend.

Weekends come after weekdays.


It’s harder to drink for 13 hours when you’re out of practice

I still did it anyway.

Oddly enough, it is easier to recover.

Getting a drink spilled on you is good way to meet people.

Smelling like beer is not.

Cirque de Solei is just an acid trip with trampolines.

Being able to play any song ever written on the piano is cool.

I cannot play the piano.

It is possible to pass out as you’re falling into bed

They can offer sex and drugs out in broad daylight, but not rock and roll. What is the point if you can’t have the full set.

It is much easier to get from Times Square to Christopher St. in the New York New York Hotel then in New York.

Its not possible to walk everywhere in Vegas, but you can try. And you can also have sore calves.

Although this is not from Vegas, this was posted on facebook while I was away, but this is the worst I’ve ever looked in a picture, and I find it hysterical.

Seriously, tho. I don’t really look like that drunk, do I?


One Response to “A List of Thoughts I Had In Vegas”

  1. […] That makes me want to drink vodka more then anything I have ever seen.  Not that you’d really have to twist my arm or anything like that.  I tend to enjoy a good spirit.  (see picture here) […]

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