Who Will Remember You?

There’s this ad on the NYC subway system that asks “Do You Remember You’re 1st Grade Teachers Name?” Below that is asks, “Who Will Remember Your Name?”

This ad is very upsetting to me. This is not because I fear not being remember or anything like that. It is the implication that I should know my 1st grade teachers name right off the bat. I feel like I should, but i don’t. I cannot for the life of me come up with this lady’s name. It’s driving me crazy. I can remember some of my elementary school teachers. Miss Cassini, there was Mrs. Vopel, a Mrs. Lockhart in there. But I can’t place what year I had them. The worst is I can’t remember my Kindergarten teacher’s name, and both my brother and sister had her after me!

It’s been really bugging me that I can not think of this. I wonder am I the only one left who can’t remember my teachers name. Does this make me a bad person? Should I have a mental database of names from grade school? Why does the MTA assume I’ll remember her name. These are the kinds of thoughts that will keep me up at night.

I suppose this is what the alcohol attacked in my brain. I should be grateful that it attacked the names of my teachers and not things that I cared about. Wait, should I care more about this? Gaaah!


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