Bright Idea of the Day

I just went to lunch in midtown.  It was almost impossible to get off my block (45th) to get to an ATM to afford food.  There are police barricades blocking the st  on 6th ave and they are only letting people on one a time, which can take a while.  Well I just saw a genius who figured out a work around.  Just try and cut through the police barricade, get stopped by a uniformed officer, step in said officers face, get arrested.  Now I have made several bad drunken decisions, but I can’t think of any time in my entire life that trying to start a physical altercation with a cop seemed like a plausible idea.  I just don’t get it.

P.S.  Yes I was extremely jealous of all the drunk people at 2 in the afternoon

P.P.S.  No i was not jealous of arrested kid.

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