I Hate People In Elevators

buttonsThis is one of a long list of things that makes me very angry.  Like way angrier then it should make me.  I just want to know why some people feel the need to press the button on an elevator that has clearly already been pressed.

This happened to me four times in one elevator ride.   I got into the elevator at the 15th floor and hit lobby, and then people did the same as me on the 8th, 6th, and 5th (I took the local).  They didn’t just absentmindedly hit it without looking at the panel.  They looked at the button, saw it was illuminated, and FUCKING HIT IT AGAIN.

I don’t get it.  I do not understand why people do this.  It’s not like it makes the elevator go down and faster.  I was actually offended (albeit unnecessarily)  by this.  Did they not think I knew how to work the elevator. Was it that big of a deal that they themselves select their destination.  I don’t understand!

The worst part is that this happens all of the damn time.  People do this constantly.  Do these people do this in other aspects of their lives?  If somebody orders food for the table do they feel compelled to confirm the order?  What the hell? Are they really that insecure that they need to the comfort that comes with selecting the floor they are headed in a building?  What about those elevators that you pick the floor you are going to first?  Is that their personal hell?

While we’re on the subject of elevators and the people that I hate because of them.  I also hate the people that take the elevator up to the second floor.  I know the stairs are kind of tucked away, but they are fucking there.  Its one floor.  It would take you literally 30 seconds to go up.  You are actually wasting your own time taking the elevator to the 2nd floor.  God I hate you.

On a lighter note, remember that Chinese Food delivery guy that was stuck in an elevator for like 80 hours.  I can’t think of a worse thing that could possibly happen.  Although, at least no one else would hit the buttons


One Response to “I Hate People In Elevators”

  1. […] might as well update you on one of the first things I wrote about.  People still suck at riding in elevators.  I don’t even want to get into it.  Now I just listen to hardcore while riding down so […]

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