Oh Snap!

So I’m going to this bar for a friends birthday tomorrow night, so I decided to look at the pictures to see if they have a TV so i can watch some basketball.

They don’t.

But here’s what they do have:

Yeah, thats a lord of the rings pinball machine. I LOOOVE lord of the rings pinball. It is by far my favorite pinball. It way overtook my old favorite which i can’t even remember, and the thing’s only been out for a few years. The funny thing is, every year my family goes to the place in the Poconos that has lord of the rings pinball. Thats the only place I even play pinball. I’m not going this year, because, well its the Poconos and i’m not 12. So consider me tickled pink that i get to play some lord of the rings pinball. I’m easily going to be the least social person at this party. I have the internet on my cell phone so I can check the games scores, so between that, the pinball and consuming alcohol i don’t even know if i’ll have time to talk.


One Response to “Oh Snap!”

  1. Good luck trying to get to the pinball machine

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