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The AV club has an awesome interview up with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Its a really good interview and I really like South Park. Here are some highlights:

On the pressure to top themselves:

The raunchy stuff’s really easy for us. We just really are offensive, raunchy people. The work part of it is making it have a story and make sense and make it worth 22 minutes of your time, which I feel is a tough thing.

On making movies:

Uh, they’re hard, and I don’t want to do ’em any more. If you’re gonna do a movie, you’d better be damn sure you want to do that movie, because it’s gonna suck to make.

On job satisfaction:

No. But I’ve never enjoyed it. That’s what’s so funny. People always think that making the show is so much fun. Especially people that don’t know what it’s like to write, and stuff like that. It’s always been totally stressful, totally just wanting to kill yourself every day because you’re under so much stress, and feel like there’s no way you can pull it off, and all of that stuff. And then when it’s over, when the season’s done and you’re proud of what you did, then you totally enjoy it. And when you’re out on the golf course thinking, “Wow, that was a good season,” then you really enjoy it. But coming here to work in the morning, I fucking hate it, and I always have. [Laugh.] Any job is a job. If you have to be doing something, then you’re probably not enjoying it.

thats just plain not fair.


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