I Feel Cheated

So obviously I got a tad over excited during that Duke-Belmont finish. But in the end, that was just a 2 seed beating a 15 seed. That’s all it goes down as. A 2 beating a 15 shouldn’t be the most exciting game of the day. Although that last desperation shot was a rims length to far to the left. Had that shot hit it would have gone down with Christian Laettner’s jumper and Jim Valvano’s frantic dash around the court. Unfortunately that shot missed, and Duke rolls on.  I even had Duke moving on and I feel like Belmont’s bench:

But was that not the worst first tourney day in recent memory? I mean, there was one great finish, one decent finish (Marquette-Kentucky), two games who’s final score indicate double digit blowouts even though they were close early. (WV-Arizona and Xavier-Georgia).  I’m not sure if this sets the stage for some sort of epic Friday.  I already am nostalgic for a better first day that was only two years ago.  Upsets and overtime and Cinderella oh my!  Well, at least I have some Lord of the Rings pinball to look forward to.


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  1. George Mason 09′

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