The Revised Friday Post

So I gotta put this Friday rundown up at some point.  Might as well be now.

So we went to this bar to celebrate the girlfriend’s birthday last Friday night.  Despite the bar having Twilight Zone pinball instead of LOTR pinball (bastards) it was a pretty damn fun night.  At first the girlfriend and her friends were a bit weirded out by a bar that was supposed to look like Detroit (who knew).  Luckily, our good friend came to the rescue (psst: our good friends name is Jager).  So after many shots chased by many beers (chased by many shots, which were in turn chased by beers…you get the idea.)   So the night got a little crazy.

“How crazy?” you ask.

Well let me tell you.

In all the years i’ve known the girlfriend, she has never been the kind to go crazy and do things like

a) take off her pants in the bathroom of a bar, because she was wearing a shirt dress

b) make out with one of her female friends

She did both of those things.

Needless to say it was a crazy night.  And to be fair, she got a free t-shirt out of the make out thing (which she left at the bar).

The night ended with me having to act way less drunk then I was while holding back a certain someone’s hair.  And I was the kind of drunk where I “nap” on the rim of my beer bottle.  But I kept it together and all was well.  And, apparently I have a fantastic ass, but more on that later.  Well thats it for my story.  See you Next Friday.


2 Responses to “The Revised Friday Post”

  1. totally missed the makeout thing…damn

  2. wishmewell Says:

    well you saw the pants thing, so that counts for something

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