Remember When MTV Was Relevant

I was talking with some friends over the weekend, and I don’t remember how it came up, but I mentioned this performance by No Doubt at midnight on New Years 99-00:

They didn’t see it, so I decided to post it for them.

But looking for this clip got me thinking.  Its crazy how much MTV has changed in the last decade.  I remember when you and your friends had to go to the other room at midnight on New Years to catch the famous midnight cover song. I remember there was a Manson one, and I think Limp Bizkit covered Faith, or something like that.

I also remember when TRL would literally shut down Times Square. Carson Daly and his two black fingernails would stop traffic down Broadway just to play the top 10 videos of the day.  Now MTV has evolved into a whole new monster, with shows like The Hills being the big cash grabbers, while TRL looks like a relic from a past civilization (somewhat exaggerated).

I’ll end this somewhat random look back with a link to my favorite song to reach (i think) #1 on the countdown.  Enjoy! 


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