Just Bumping the Circus Story Down

This has been around for a week or so, but I love Caddyshack so I am posting it. Apparently two Canadians set a fire trying to use a device called the Rodenator that blows gophers up in their holes, or something like that. But. . .

The Rodenator dumps a mixture of propane and oxygen into gopher holes, then lights them up like a Fourth of July fireworks display, causing an underground shock wave, killing the gophers and collapsing their tunnels.

Problem was, after a couple of successful blasts, the two Canucks overfilled one of the holes, and the flames jumped out and onto the dry grass, starting a fire that threatened several homes and caused $200,000 in damage.

HA! Thats awesome.  I can’t find the “explosive” final scene from Caddyshack (he he), so i’m gonna post this instead:

…so i got that going for me.

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