Movies I Really Wish I Hadn’t Paid 11.75 for

What a god awful movie.  I can’t even wrap my head around how bad this actually was.  Worst part is, if I saw it when I was 15 it would have been an instant classic. . .

At no point during this movie could you not tell what was going to happen.  The worst part was yesterday, after seeing it on Sunday, I caught the review for it on ABC 7 here in NY.  The reviewer, much to my surprise, praised the damn movie.  WHAT THE FUCK!

He says the pointless montage scene’s showed off the complexity of the dumb ass scheme the kids used to ripoff the casino.  It was like the montage in Team America, just not funny at all.  God it was so pointless and useless.

The reviewer then praised the guy who played the main character on pulling of an American accent.  Yeah, an actor in a major studio film got the accent right.  WHY IS THAT WORTH NOTING!  It was his damn job to get the accent right and it has nothing to do with how terrible the movie was.

He called it a fun trip for the whole family.  Unless there is a family comprised exclusively of 15 year olds this will ruin at least half of your family’s weekend.  God I hate Kevin Spacey so much right now

4 Responses to “Movies I Really Wish I Hadn’t Paid 11.75 for”

  1. I hate you so much right now. Are you kidding? I have yet to see the film BUT I love Jim Sturgess. I know you, so I’m all for starting a fight on your blog. =D Actor pulls off an American accent… give him credit…still takes talent. Don’t hate. He isn’t an actor originally. He started off in a band (hmm sound familiar?) and was cast in Across the Universe. His career has taken off from there. He isn’t your typical “big screen actor.” Renee Zelwigger (however you spell her last name) is, and has a horrid accent in Briget Jones. It’s still considered a good movie. Jim is hot. We’re getting married. Get off his back.

  2. wishmewell Says:

    I guess pulling off an American accent is impressive, but unfortunately the movie is still…soooooo awful. People forgave Rene Zellwegger’s horrific accent cause that movie was actually good (yes I’ll admit that!). No amount of good accents could save a movie this bad. Sooo soo soo sooooo bad. Just go watch Across The Universe and stare at a deck of playing cards.

  3. i liked renee zellwegger’s accent!

  4. i agree, i think renee’s accent was fine in bridget jones, i believed it..

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