So I Am Better At Bowling Than Barack Obama

I went bowling last weekend for the first time in years.  You know what I found out about myself?

I suck at bowling.

I thought all the Wii bowling would have helped

It did not.  My best game I bowled a 100.  We were playing with a 13 year who was literally throwing it down the lane.  He bowled a 180.  I was terrible.   I wasn’t the worst tho, another member of our group bowled a 41.  Well guess who is worse than all of us?

Barack Obama!

He bowled a 37!  Now don’t get me wrong, I like Obama. I voted for him and everything, but man, a 37? Really?  I mean, that takes real talent.  Being that bad at bowling can’t be easy.  It would probably be somewhat disconcerting had he been amazing tho.  A president probably shouldn’t have enough free time to get really good a sport that makes me think of The Dude. But that’s just me
(via WithLeather)


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