Interview With My iPod

One of my favorite site on the interweb is The Onion’s AV Club. One of my favorite features that they run is the Random Rules feature in which they interview various people, but instead of questions they just put their iPod on random and just have the people respond to why they like those songs. I find it awesome, (especially the one with Human Giant) . So I figured, hey, why not rip them off, but do it with your own iPod and see what happens. I was listening to it on shuffle before and it was kind to me, I can only hope it will be so kind now. Here it goes.

Poison the Well-Zombies are Good

Well that is a good start. I like PtW a lot more then actually listen to them. They’re the kind of band you have to be in the right mood to listen, and that doesn’t strike too often. Also one time I listended to them for like 5 days straight and wanted to murder someone for not using proper subway etiquette. They’re a bit intense

Thrice- All That’s Left

Haha, awesome. Thrice! I bought this album the day it came and listened to it constantly for like two years. This album will alway remind me of the summer after my senior year, because that is when it came out. I listened to this album to death, and rarely listen any more. I think I should get back into it. Also Thrice will also be tied to losing my virginity, but thats a whole other story

The Smashing Pumpkins- Thru The Eyes of Ruby

To be honest, I’ve been on a huge Pumpkins kick over the last year and a half. Not the best band to listen to while depressed tho. I really do love Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as a whole album, and this song is no exception. It also happens to be a great driving song if your taking a road trip anytime soon.

Kid Dynamite – Two For Flinching

YESS!  I’m  really glad Kid Dynamite showed up.  I’m even more glad that one of their 10 second songs showed up. Another band I don’t listen to enough because of my mood.  I really wish I had gone to see them a few years back when they played at CBGB’s.  Oh well.  I do love the short punk songs.  I actually made a power hour mix a while back using 60 full length songs that averaged out to be one minute long each (fuck that shit with the cutting off the song at 60 seconds) .  There are definitely a few Kid Dynamite songs on that list.  I should totally do that power hour this weekend.

The Shins- Fighting in A Sack

I’ve listened to this album maybe 4 times tops.  I bought it after I saw Garden State because I am that much of a tool.  The Shins are actually really fun to listen to driving again.  I really don’t mind them, I just never listen to them.  I think that makes up %90 of my iPod though.

The Lawrence Arms- Drunken Mouth Hitchen Smile

I just rediscovered this album recently.  I still love every song on it.  It came out right at the beginning of my Freshman year of college.  I actually reviewed it in the paper back when I did that sort of thing.  This is one of my favorite songs on the album.  I think i’ve seen this band like 20 some odd times.  They’re always great live, (not to mention drunk), even if they NEVER play A Wishful Puppeteer.

Taking Back Sunday- Up Against (Blackout)

Because I am at work and not actually listening to these songs I can’t say much about this song, because I haven’t heard it.  I never really minded Taking Back Sunday, I just never got around to listening to the songs that not everyone else knew.  I’ll have to listen to this when I get off.

A Moments Worth- The Surgeon

Oh Man! A Moments Worth!  Haha, awesome.  This is a local band in the Bronx that I knew through my band in college.  I actually think the bands were rivals, or something like that at some point.  The rivalry peaked when we beat them in a battle of the Bands to go to warped tour.  After that everyone started getting along, or something.  Whatever.  This is off the Bronx Undergroud compilation Our Scene Is Cooler Than Yours.  If you can find it online, get it.  I totally rip the sickest guitar part on it (or not).

The Smashing PumpkinsSuffer

Ahh…more Smashing Pumpkins.  Gish is a really good album as well.  I listen to it much less than I do to Mellon Collie, but it is still a good album.  Not much more I can say about this.

and finally. . .

The Weakerthans- Left and Leaving

You gotta love a guy that can go from a band like Propagandhi and start a band like The Weakerthans. This is the title track from their 2000.  You’ve almost definately heard at least one of their songs, unless you walked out before the credits rolled in Wedding Crashers (jerk!).  Yeah, a great band to listen to when you’re in a bit of a funk.  I’ve been listening to them a lot lately incidentally.

Fuck it, this has been pretty tame so far.  Nothing great, but nothing embarrassing.  I’ll do one more.

Trophy Scars- The Hair-Trigger Flamenco

Good tune, good band.  I actually knew the singer a little bit in college.  Nice dude.  I actually listened to their other album for the first time in like a year this week.  Weird

Well thats it.  I’ve avoided disaster well enough.  Maybe I’ll do this more often, maybe not.  This could have been very ugly, so I think I got off pretty clean.  Nothing was too random and off the wall, which is pretty sweet.  Maybe I should let someone else pick the 10 worst songs on my ipod and I’d have to explain myself.  On second thought, that would be harsh.


3 Responses to “Interview With My iPod”

  1. so u lost ur virginity to thrice? that’s an interesting tidbit i would’ve liked to not know

  2. i’m gonna rip youu off ripping off the onion today possibly

  3. wishmewell Says:

    haha, good call. is this gonna turn into telephone? 10 blogs later this is gonna be an guy discussing his ringtones or something like that

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