The List Post

I’m not feeling terrible inspired this morning, so instead of looking for a random Flight Of The Conchords video I’ll just post some lists!

April Fools Tricks I Fell For:

(I only fell for most of these for like a minute tops tho)

  • Clicked on the YouTube featured video. . . and also clicked on that at BestWeekEver.  And it got IMed to me more than once.
  • Several bloggers announced they were hanging up their gloves keyboards
  • John Hodgman (PC) beat up Justin Long (MAC) (I only fell for that for like, a second

April Fools Jokes I Didn’t Fall For (but were still great)

  • Scientists made a manbearpig.
  • Gmail’s CustomTime. I guess I fell for it in the sense that I thought Gmail gave me a new feature, but once I saw the whole “sending emails to the past” thing, I figured it out.
  • Guns N Roses released “Chinese Democracy” (I would like that free Dr. Pepper tho)
  • Air Force One went hybrid. The whole “Bush initiative” tipped me off a little bit

April Fools Jokes That Totally Missed the Mark

  • My Dad tried to convince me that the Yankees traded Joba Chamberlain to the Red Sox (subtle Dad,  subtle)
  • The Rick Roll that gets your browser stuck in a loop (only cause I sent it out to other people)

Things I Thought About Last Night’s Yankee Game

  • The overly dramatic opening with Michael Kay doing the “if these walls could talk” gave me chills.
  • I hope they don’t overdo the whole Final Season thing
  • Wow I am really glad they didn’t wind up trading Melky.  They would have lost that game.
  • I was tired of the Final Season stuff by the 4th inning.
  • Wow, Michael Kay is realllly bad at play-by-play.
  • Gotta love that Joba gets that excited after striking someone out on Opening Day.

List of Songs I’ve Had Stuck In My Head Lately

(more 0n this later)

  • Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up (fuckin youtube)
  • Howard Huntsberry-Higher and Higher
  • Thanks to a Comment from NFL Adam, I’m Fucking Matt Damon AAAAND I’m Fucking Ben Affleck! (damnit)
  • While I was searching for Higher and Higher i got The Ghostbusters Theme Song jammed up in there.
  • This Song (I saw that movie for my 8th birthday party.  What a flick!  John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper! I remember not hating it.  Its thoughts like this that make me afraid to ever have a kid.  My dad sat through this movie with like 10 8 year-old boys.  Man, that must’ve been miserable.  When I think of all the awful movies my parents had to see on my account I feel extremely guilty)
  • Not to mention Chocolate Rain. (damn you Tay Zonday! DAAAMMMN YOU!!!)
  • And thats just the songs I don’t actually want in there, there are a lot more that aren’t so bad.

Thats it for my lists. Time to get back to work

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