The Last Time I Went Crowdsurfing

I just caught this article on College Humor and it reminded me of my old crowd surfing days. I wasn’t a big crowdsurfer, but I definately did partake at Warped Tours and Roseland Ballroom shows in the past. (before you call me an ass hole bear in mind I was like 100 pound at the time, tops).
Well this past weekend I saw Say Anything, and I had actually mentioned to the people I was with about my old ways. I also told them about the last time I “went” crowd surfing. I’ll let the article describe it, because this is EXACTLY what happened.

The Pushover

It is more than obvious that this guy is being held up against his will. His constant struggling, squirming, and yelling of the phrases “Put me down!” and “You guys are assholes!” signify that he is not enjoying his surfing experience; it is simply the result of him being short and his friends being jerks. There may be a slight chance of him having a mental or physical handicap, but it’ll be hard to tell at this point. Regardless, keep him up there for as long as possible. It’s funnier that way.

Yeah…that happened to me.  It kinda sucked. It was my senior year of high school and i was the designated driver, so my wasted (and larger) friends threw me up at a Catch 22 show, and I stayed.  I mean, I was up there for like a song and a half.  I don’t know how it happened either.  I didn’t just gravitate toward the stage, but bounced around the entire venue like that old screen saver.  Also, since I was the designated driver, I had keys.  It was a song and a half long struggle to keep those damn things in my pocket.

God I hate my friends.


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