Fall In To The Gap?

So I have shopped at Gap online before. I’ve bought a few things from there actually. I bought a jacket, a shirt, I think maybe some pants (keep in mind that these were all Men’s clothes). Anyone who has ever shopped online knows what happens after you make your purchases. You will occasionally receive email sale alerts and coupons and stuff like that. The nice thing about these coupons and sales is that they take what you’ve bought, and target the ad towards your tastes based on previous purchases. This ad I got from the Gap is a great example of that:

Oh, errr. . .

This actually kinda makes me feel weird about the clothes I bought. Did most of the the people who bought the shirt that I bought start cross dressing 3 months later. Did my purchases get more and more feminine each time and the gap thought that “The Summer’s Prettiest Skirt” was the next logical step? Did I accidentally pull a Michael Scott and buy a women’s suit or something? I am really at a loss here.

Maybe they just know I’m a fan of the skirt on a girl and they were giving me the heads up for what to look out for. But even then, how would they know that? Unless they’re way more in my head then I realize. Damn you Gap…DAMNNN YOUU!


3 Responses to “Fall In To The Gap?”

  1. How could you not show the skirt? Sigh…

  2. wishmewell Says:

    oh don’t worry, its the gap. you’ll probably see this ad forty times in the next week

  3. […] Gap Still Thinks I’m A Woman I mentioned this once before, but this has been happening every week since. The gap is convinced that I am a woman. I really […]

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