Running From The Devil

Ever see someone running down the street who clearly is doing the diarrhea dash.  How funny does that run look?

How can you tell if a person is doing a diarrhea dash

The person is always hunched over just a little bit.  Probably at like a 15-20 degree angle.

They are always clutching their stomach.

Also, they can never truly break into a full sprint, because they really don’t want to poop their pants.  Its always a half waddle, half run.  There’s a constant battle where they try to break out into the run, but they can’t.  There is only one reason you would ever run like this, and everyone knows.

I love seeing this.  I think I like it better then seeing people fall, and I like that a lot.

Just realized that entire post is about poop…and that is awesome!


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