So This Is What I’ve Done For The Last Two Days

(I never hit the publish button on this when I wrote it last week…my bad.)

Yesterday I came across this.

“What is that?” you ask.

Well why don’t I just tell you.

That link right up there will bring you to a page on hulu where you can watch every single episode of arrested development ever! (all 53!)There is a bunch of other stuff there that you can watch like movies and other shows. Its easily the best thing ever. So if for the next week or so I don’t post much, you’ll know why.

But I digress. Arrested Development is one of my favorite TV shows ever made ever. It’s amazingly hilarious and I could watch it literally all day. I actually think I have spent entire days watching that show. If you haven’t watched Arrested Development before you have a serious problem that needs to get checked out immediately. Here is the pilot a link to the pilot (damn embedding) if you need to get started (DO IT!)

And here’s a video tribute to GOB Bluth


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