I Got Nuthin’

I can’t think of any damn thing to write.  I supposed I could write amusing anecdotes about my weekend and my roommate convincing some dude that he wrote Hey There Delilah (seriously, how gullible do you have to be to buy that one).  But that story pretty much ends there.  I think there was more.  Something about a full bottle of Jack Daniels in the back room of Kingsize (which was in an episode of Flight of the Conchords, so the video below is relevant!.)  I think there was a stripper pole or something like that (not as cool as it sounds, I think only the guys tried it out…in fact, I’m fairly certain I fell rather hard off of it) I don’t know, going out at 3pm and getting home at 6:30am will severely skew your memories.   But you don’t really want to read about that now do you?

I could do another random 10 songs off my iPod.  I’m considering doing that and actually uploading the songs to a muxtape too.  So there is that.

I could probably try and write another random list post about random thoughts that I have. But I haven’t had any good random thoughts lately.

I don’t even have any good rants percolating, and that is saying something.

Hey, the Pope just got here! Man, CNN is really into this.  They showed him walking down the stairs with like 6 different angles on Wolf Blitzer’s crazy video wall thing. Cool!  I guess I could write about how the Yankees aren’t letting him drive the Pope Mobile on the field, but my Yanks get enough bad press as it is. I’m just glad I don’t live in the Bronx anymore, that is gonna screw up getting around that borough just a little bit.  i guess his trip to Manhattan Friday might muck up my day a tiny bit.  Oh well.  By the way, is it bad that any time I think of the pope this scene from Eurotrip pops into my head.

I guess I am just going off on some tangents in this post.  That’s cool though, right? Whatever.

I seem to remember reading an article this week that said watching too much television can lead to depression.  (I would link to it, but I can’t find it) That is unsettling news.  I literally watch TV all day.  I watch it at work (because my job entails it).  I watch it at home.  I think the only time I don’t constantly watch TV is on weekends.  And even then I usually watch something.  I even watch some shows I used to despise. Oh well. I hadn’t noticed anything  (sobs and collapses into a heap on the floor…but not really)

Speaking of television, the AV Club’s TV Club blog is one of my favorite things on the internet.  It does a great job of reviewing each episode of a lot of the shows that I watch.  Its a great feature that follows a lot of good shows throughout their respective seasons.  If you watch those shows you should read it!

Thats about all the random things I can think of for now.  As always, here’s a live version of the  Flight of the Conchords Bowie song:

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