I Need Something To Read

I’ve been really bad at reading lately.  I usually like to read a lot, but I almost never get around to picking up a good book.  I also read really fast, so what happens is that I will go on book binges where a read a few books in a week or two, and then not read anything for a while.  I’ve been in the mood for a book binge, but haven’t had anything to go through.  Most of the books I’ve read recently have been re-reads, so I need something.  If anyone has any good books let me know and I would be much obliged!

3 Responses to “I Need Something To Read”

  1. So do I. Maybe you should update today

  2. […] the party on Friday one of my friends wrote me out a list of books to read to help with my problem of not having anything to read.  Unfortunately, at some point during my drunken haze I lost the […]

  3. […] least I had enough time to read to books, unfortunately they were the only books that I had, so now this problem applies again. . […]

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