Might As Well

I guess I’ll do another random song list (thanks for my only good idea AV Club).

I swear I’ll try to come up with something much more original, but last night’s consumption of much alcohol (gotta love dollar drafts…i also seem to remember a jagger bomb, and Jack Daniels) has clouded my brain. Anyway, here it goes.

Q And Not You End The Washington Monument (Blinks) Goodnight

Good start! This song reminds me of when I first went to college. I went to see them with my friend in Williamsburg. It was a rather nutty show. There was one opening band, The Z’s, that had two guitarists, two drummers, and two saxaphonists… none of them played the same thing at any point during the set. Also, El Guapo opened, and it was crazy. That was also the first time I walked around the Bronx at 3am, which was fun. (Do I get hipster cred for this one?)

A Wilhelm Scream – Me Vs. Morrissey In a Pretentiousness Contest (The Ladder Match)

Ahh…awesome song. I saw this band open for the Lawrence Arms a few years back, thought they fucking ruled, but was broke and didn’t get the record till a while later when my old roommate got it. Its a sick one.

DJ Danger Mouse- What More Can I Say

So doing that Grey Album certainly payed off for old Danger Mouse, huh. What’s he done since then, ohh….right. I’m pretty sure it was required for everyone to download this when it first hit the internet. So far this list is heavily stacked toward my first year at school.

John MurphyIn The House – In A Heartbeat

That came off the 28 Days Later Soundtrack, which is where i have this from, so I’ll just refer you to there. This song is so movie score tho. Its so driving and intense. I feel like fucking up some Zombies.

A New Found Glory Boulders

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to this song once. My other old roommate had a promotional copy of this song lying around so I ripped it one day. So far this song is pretty good. But if you want some pop punk, go to this muxtape again.

Interpol – Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down

I’m gonna play the old, “I heard of interpol before everyone else” card on this one. I actually first heard of them when one my my favorite skaters used a song of theirs in his video part, so I guess he had heard of them first.

Saves The DayAs Your Ghost Takes Flight

I LOOOOOVE Saves the Day. Thats all that needs to be said. I guess I coooould tell you how my old band would always listen to Saves the Day as we drove to shows in Jersey, but who really cares. I could also tell you how I’ve never seen them live, but that makes me sad inside, so I won’t. Wait…DAMNIT!

Dashboard Confessional – The Sharp Hint Of New Tears

Awesome, Dashboard. This severely damages my street cred. Most random lineup at a show I’ve ever seen involved him. This was at PNC Bank Arts Center in Jersey. The opener was Head Automatica, after them came The Get Up Kids, followed by Thrice, and finally Dashboard. How fucking random is that. Seriously, listen to those bands and tell me thats not random as shit.

Strike Anywhere Timebomb Generation

This band is absolutely fucking crazy live. Its awesome. The singer is crazy short with nutty dreads. I do seem to remember a video of theirs getting played a lot (on Fuse) a few years back, but I could be wrong about that.

Underminded – Burn The Metropolis

Generic hardcore. YEAAAAH. I loved this band, because they were the most myspace band ever. Seriously, they would always be posting shit all the time, to the point where you expect them to sound gay as hell, then they’re heavy as shit (but still kinda gay).

Flogging Molly – Rare Ould Times

Nice. Flogging Molly makes me want to be drunk at all times, every day. While growing up my mom would always listen to Irish Music. Like all the time. That and Bruce, but that’s Jersey for you. But yeah, so Flogging Molly was right up my fucking alley. I used to love to skate while listening to them, but I could rarely do that cause i didn’t own an ipod. CD players tend to skip when you fall on them from 10 feet up.

I’ll do one more…

Oooh, how appropriate.

Head Automatica – Curious

Head Automatica kinda kicks ass. They’re songs are so fucking catchy and fun and awesome. I should see if they’re playing anywhere near me soon. That would be fun.

Fuck it, i’m enjoying listening to music and it’s slow as shit at work.


The Lawrence Arms – Boatless Booze Cruise

What a fucking great song title. They came up last time too, but I might as well refresh all of your memories that this band is fucking amazing. They’re lyrics seamlessly flow from historical references to bad pop culture. (Hey, wikipedia says the same thing, just smarter). Go listen to them!

Well that’s it for me. Took up a decent chunk of time out of my day, and now its getting towards lunch. My mom is in the city today, so its free…which is nice. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll write an actual post later!


2 Responses to “Might As Well”

  1. how nutty was it?? was it really really nutty? nutty nutty nutty!

  2. wishmewell Says:

    what? i used the same (odd) adjective twice. is that so wrong?

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