Oh No!

This is a bad sign for people like me.

When Hog Pit co-owner Felisa Dell sent an email to Eater on April 7th confirming the closure of her Meatpacking District BBQ joint, she insinuated that “the mayor and the State Liquor Authority are now only issuing Liquor Licenses until 2 a.m. It’s very sneaky, but in 5 years the 4 a.m. liquor license will be a thing of the past, without any community input.” Today the NY Sun backs Dell up, reporting that many Manhattan bar owners are finding it “nearly impossible to open new nightlife establishments that are permitted to serve alcohol until 4 a.m.”

Man.  That would fucking suck.  I realize its probably bad to be bumming about not being able to drink until 4, but its the truth.  2-4 is literally the best time of the night.  Everyone who wasn’t feeling the night was gone, so everyone thats out is out to have fun.

I seem to remember a Ruminations column a while ago about that time being the best time to be out, but I couldn’t find it.  Oh well.


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