Damn, It’s Nice Out

I hate being inside today.  Its fucking gorgeous outside.  Like stupid nice.  It really sucks being inside when it is this damn nice out.

Its funny how a nice day like this will improve everyone’s mood.  You can be the most sorry, miserable son of a bitch on earth (I maybe have been called this once) and when the sun hits your face on a day like today you can’t help but crack a smile.  Your stress can vanish, even if it’s just for a  second. It’s great!

I think I’m just gonna have to eat outside today.  Or at least go somewhere for lunch.  I can’t stay cooped up like this all day.

I just hung my head out the window.  Its too nice.  Seriously,  look how fucking nice it is:

Gaaahhh, i need it to be lunchtime!


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