Damn Mondays

It seems that every single Monday I can barely keep my eyes open. Today is no exception. . . I’m exhausted.

I’m trying to come up with something to write again, but I can’t really think clearly. Ever get that feeling? When your so tired that your thoughts are foggy. It’s really annoying.

At the party on Friday one of my friends wrote me out a list of books to read to help with my problem of not having anything to read. Unfortunately, at some point during my drunken haze I lost the list. I’m never going to find something to read.

Is it bad that the only thing this does for me is make me want is to go to Chipotle for lunch? Man, that damn burrito looks delicious

I’m having a lot of trouble getting really into the Yankee season this year. I mean, I’ve watched most of the games. I’ve read every recap. Hell, I’ve even screamed at my television (DAMN YOU MOOSE) in the fashion that only a crazy person can. But something feels different. Maybe its because I have a life now and not a lot of free time. Maybe because its still April. I don’t get it. Hopefully when I go to the game in a few weeks everything will get back to normal.

You know what is awesome? Coffee, coffee is awesome!

I’m seriously stuck in a high school phase. I feel like %90 of what I’ve been listening to lately i first started listening to when I was 15. Is this me subconsciously trying to revolt against growing up? Or is is just that pop-punk is still fucking awesome?

Did you see that story about Leonardo Dicaprio still drunk dialing his ex, Giselle Bundchen? I find that hilarious in so many ways. It also reminds me of a phone I saw a while ago that had a breathalyser attached. There were certain numbers that you couldn’t call unless you were sober. That could probably come in handy for most people, and should be implemented across the board.

I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall yesterday. It was hysterical. You should go see it! Also, they aired the Pineapple Express trailer beforehand, and I am still so fucking psyched on that movie. so much that i am going to post the trailer again!

update: so the redband trailer is no longer on youtube, so i put up the regular one. you can see the redband trailer at this site.


2 Responses to “Damn Mondays”

  1. a) yes, coffee is AWESOME.
    b) i really cannot wait til pineapple express…james franco ❤
    c) i choose not to believe that leonardo dicaprio drunk dials giselle. he is way too cool for that.
    d) you should read the bourne identity. i just started it and i absolutely cannot put it down.

  2. […] Jets, whatever. I really wanna talk about this movie.   I had been excited about this movie for quite some time and I am happy to report that it did not dissapoint. It was absolutely hysterical, instantly […]

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