Blind Gov

Just saw this Times article about Governor Paterson linked to over at Cajun Boy in the City. There’s one part of the Cajun Boy post that I can relate to whole heartedly.

not sure if i’ve ever mentioned it here previously, but going blind is one of my life’s greatest fears. it’s an irrational one i suppose since i have no history of eye problems or blindness in my family and still have perfect vision at 35, but a real fear nonetheless.

I can completely relate to that fear. I had an incident once where i was temporarily blinded in one of my eyes. There is nothing scarier then opening your eye and not seeing anything. Thankfully there was no permanent damage and I can see fine, but still, those few minutes are ingrained in my memory. It was incredibly terrifying. Reading that particular passage reminded me of when it happened. So yeah, kudos to Patterson.

To lighten the mood, here is a flight of the Conchords clip that has nothing to do with any of this, but that I need to watch to forget about possibly going blind.

(I changed the video to one they didn’t use on their show)


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