This Might Be The Worst News Yet

Sure the climate change is doing awful things to the environment and the general quality of life in a lot of places bt causing weather patterns that they didn’t even think to put in the Old Testament, I’m looking at you Oklahoma hail storm, but I think there is is finally a climate related issue that everyone can finally rally  behind and actually change the world!  I’m talking about this this story I just caught wind of (thanks to a helpful facebook status)

Climate scientist Dr Jim Salinger blames the drought in Australia on global warming and says rising temperatures will continue to deplete barley yields. In the U.S., a decrease in hops production has been especially damaging to microbreweries that don’t have the same leverage as major beer producers. Shane Welch, brewmaster at Six Point Craft Ales in Red Hook, predicts the cost of the most sought-after hops will skyrocket “50, 70, 120, 200 percent” in the next few years. And Kelly Taylor, brewmaster for Kelso of Brooklyn beers in Clinton Hill, tells the Post that his malt prices shot up 50 percent in one year.


Now, there is only one silver lining with this story. What if this becomes a serious election issue. Could you imagine Brian Williams having to seriously pose Beer pricing questions to McCain and Obama/Clinton. You know how important everyone thinks the young vote is. The negative ads alone would be great. Candidates blaming one another for dollar draft nights shooting up to 2 dollars in the past six months. Suddenly Peter Coors endorsement would actually matter. Campaign rallies at Frat Houses. This actually might wind up being hysterical


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  1. Thanks to me!!! Thanks to me!!! =D

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