Update on the Best News Ever

So CCInsider linked to an article with some new information that new Mitch Hedberg album. I really can’t wait for this, even though it might be the saddest comedy album of all time. If its anything like Hedberg’s last albums it will be amazing. From the article:

Comedy Central Records head Jack Vaughn told Punchline Magazine today that the album will contain 40-45 minutes of previously unreleased material, most of which was collected from a Jan. 2005 show Hedberg did at the Improv in Ontario, CA.

FORTY WHOLE NEW MINUTES!! It is going to be hysterical. I remember while driving once while listening to Strategic Grill Locations and laughing so incredibly hard that I had to pull my car over on the side of the highway so I didn’t crash. Man, he really left this world way too early.

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