A Fun Activity

Now that spring is in the air its time for one of my favorite activities to do in New York.  If you do this properly you will gain insight into the human condition that only observations like these can grant you.

What you do is while walking down the street find a really hot girl.   Now adjust your pace so you are walking about eight to twelve feet behind her.  No, no, I do not do this as an excuse to stare at a girls ass while I walk.  I’m not that sad or desperate.  In fact, its quite the opposite.

What you do is while walking behind said hot chick, watch the subtle reactions of the guys that she walks past.  It is freakin hysterical how far some guys will strain to see a girls ass.  It’s incredible.  I mean, I didn’t know guys actually got that sad, and I’m a freakin straight guy.  I mean, every guy will do the little check.  But some guys will literally react as if a Victoria’s Secret model just walked by naked.  I’ve seen people practically fall over.  Think McLovin in Superbad, just instead of a high school kid who is (justifiably) desperate, picture a 35 year old executive.  I swear I think I saw a guy do permanent spinal damage one time.

For an added bonus, if the girl is hot enough, you’ll even see some girls check out her ass. Haven’t quite figured that one out tho. . .

And as always, a Flight of the Conchords video (although this one is almost relevant)


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