On Visiting Boston

So I was up in Boston this past weekend. If you read my updates from amtrak you know that certain parts of the trip up did not go exactly as planned (damn you acela…damn you!!!)

So unfortunately my Friday night was much shorter then anticipated. Fortunately I can still knock back whiskey, so it turned out okay.

Saturday was a bit of a long day, but still fun. Went to lunch at a bar called Bukowski‘s, which has to be the best name for a bar of all time, for various reasons.

Following lunch we traveled to South Boston to go on the Harpoon brewery tour. This is the best brewery tour of all time. Most brewery tours have a tour that is boring and pointless, followed by a tasting which is all anyone wanted anyway. The Harpoon tour skips the actual tour part, and just gives you beer. They take a break to talk about all the beers, but essentially it is just a free drink up with good beer.

After that we went to Legal Test Kitchen. We were told they had two dollar PBR’s, but when we walked in this place looked way to fancy to have this. I mean, this looked like a 15 dollar Martini place, no way they would have 2 dollar PBR’s.

They had two dollar PBR’s. And they put the Yankee game on for us. It really threw a bunch of people there for a loop with 5 Yankee fans and an Indians fan cheering at the game in the corner. Its a site not often witnessed in Boston. It was at this point called ballsy by a bartender for wearing a Yankee hat.

After a full day of drinking it was time to get ready for a full night of drinking(well till 2am anyway). It was at this point I was called ballsy by a Starbucks barista for wearing a Yankee hat. I was beginning to sense a pattern, which came to a head when a car pulled over to boo me. Keep in mind that it is April.

So after all that we decided that Harvard would be where we would go out. I met a wonderful gentleman who insisted that Sicilian Slices were not actually Pizza because they were “FACKIN SQUAAH.” I was worried i wouldn’t meet a stereotype reinforcer, so that was nice.

Sunday involved walking through all the areas of Boston that I didn’t get to see because I was only there for a single weekend. So after walking through back bay and downtown crossing and get on my train, wait, check that, I waited a half hour and then got on the train. That makes sense that a train would be late to its station of origin. At least I had enough time to read to books, unfortunately they were the only books that I had, so now this problem applies again. . .fuck!

(note: I don’t think I saw that part of Boston in that photo above, at all)


One Response to “On Visiting Boston”

  1. 1) Never listen to anything a Bostonian says about Pizza cause they have no idea
    2) YAY for wearing the yankee hat…dont you love how everyone you meet must comment on it?

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