I’m At It Again

I’m trying to find something to write about today, but I really can’t.  I’ve got kind of a full plate this week, so I can’t really find anything worth even writing pointless blurbs about.  I will, however, point out this hilarious new piece of information about that batman trailer everyone is excited about.  Apparently some formulas never get old!

I should probably point out that I am absurdly excited for that movie.  Like practically giddy.  Like lapsing into a coma for a few months wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing that could happen to me.  But I digress.

There are actually a lot of movies coming out that I really want to see this summer.

Pineapple Express, as I’ve mentioned a few times here before, looks awesome.

The Wackness actually looks pretty good, and the trailer makes me want to see it (that might be a trap!)

honestly, i’m drawing a blank much past those, and I only remember them because I watched those trailers today, but I know that there are more that I want to see. There’s another one….uhhh…OH YEAH!

The new Indiana Jones movie looks pretty bitchin’

There’s got to be more that I’m not thinking of, but whatever.

3 Responses to “I’m At It Again”

  1. you totally forgot about sex and the city. where is your head!

  2. oh and speaking about pineapple express, i started watching freaks nad geeks last night and im absolutely obsessed.

  3. […] now.  Still need to process some things.  I did get to see The Wackness.  I mentioned this movie here before, and I’m happy to say it lived up to expectations.  I mean, pointless 90’s […]

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