Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet

So I have to be extremely careful that my computer doesn’t make any noises for the next hour, so I can’t surf the blogosphere like normal. I had all these plans to post a Rage video as a morning pick me up and everything. Thats a shame. Well i guess i gots to do a random music thing!! Woo…it’s so easy, it writes itself.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Warlocks

I think I downloaded Stadium Arcadium because I heard it was incredible, but I haven’t listened to anything but the singles anyway. Oh well, this song is pretty cool, but its almost never what I am in the mood for, so I almost never listen to it.

Blink 182 – Down

Ah, Blink. I actually really enjoyed this album when it came out. Unfortunately it happened to be their last album. Up till this came out Blink had been my most missed band, in that I missed seeing them live like 12 times. I finally got to see them on what would turn out to be their final tour. It was awesome, except when they played M&M’s and we were the only ones that knew that song.

Bigwig – No Thought, No Spine

Bigwig is awesome!! No two way about it. I mean, I’ve got nothing on how much some people love Bigwig, but still, they fucking rock. I really can’t ad anything to this other then repeating that they rock over and over until it becomes very repetitive, so I will move on.

Coheed and Cambria – Mother May I

I haven’t listened to Coheed in a while. I think I completely burnt myself out on them freshman and sophomore year of college when I saw them like 6 times in a two year span. I got a little lost with the whole crazy ass story. Honestly, sometimes I just wanna listen to some music, and I don’t need a narrative to go along with it. Still cool tho, and kinda rocking.

Rancid – As Wicked

Rancid takes me right back to highschool. I remember seeing them at Warped Tour and completely ruining my hearing. It was fucking awesome. Its amazing how fucking catchy this whole damn album is. I’ve been in a high school phase, so i should start rocking this album again.

The Lawrence Arms – Chicago Is Burning

Ahh…The Lawrence Arms show up again! They always come up when I do these. Its fitting cause they were really one of my favorite bands ever. Its weird that they come up all the time tho, because I don’t really have that many Lawrence Arms songs, only like 3 albums or something like that.

Face to Face – Ordinary

If the last one of these I did brought me back to freshman year this one is bringing me right back to high school. I haven’t heard this song in years, and it is now going to be stuck in my head for the next week and a half. It’ll be nice to have a good song stuck in my head for once. Better then getting Rick Rolled.

Vince Guararldi Trio – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

What? You don’t like the Charlie Brown Christmas special? Well fuck you then! I always mean to take my Christmas music off my ipod, but I never fucking do. When my dad ran the Chicago marathon a few years (and made me feel like a huge slacker) he rocked this soundtrack on his ipod while running. I found that strange, but I also find running 26 miles for shits and giggles strange, so who knows.

Sleep Station – Burden To You

Man, I haven’t even thought of Sleep Station in like two and a half years. I really liked this album too. I should start listening to it again. It can be a bit depressing, which is music i’ve been trying to avoid lately, but whatever. It’s still a great album. Actually this song isn’t depressing me at all, it’s actually putting me in a nice mood. I’m totally listening to this on the subway ride home.

Say Anything – An Insult To The Dead

I was looking at my itunes most played list last night. Apparently i’ve listened to this album over 100 times on my computer alone, let alone all the times i listened to it on my ipod. Its weird, Say Anything either gets you one of two responses. Its either, “OMG that band is AMAZING.” or, “My sixteen year old sister listens to that, you suck!” To the latter group I would like to point out that your sister has better taste in music then you.

Hot Water Music – The Sense

Wow. I listened to this on the subway to work this morning. That is weird. This song was the soundtrack behind the Emo Game that was online a few years ago. Hot Water Music is an awesome band. One of the better acts I’ve seen live. They killed it at the Knitting Factory before A Static X A Static Lullaby (happy now?) went on and ruined everything about that night. But then The Lawrence Arms came on and saved it.

well that is enough of that for now. gotta actually get back to work

One Response to “Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet”

  1. some great songs…and for the last time it was A Static Lullaby, not Static X

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