I Realized Something

I write more about not having anything to write about then anything else.  Is that a weird topic?  Writing about writers block.  It worked for Charlie Kaufman.

I’ve been in a serious snacking mood lately.  I usually try not to snack all that much, but recently I feel like I make at least two trips to a vending machine a day.  I’m pretty sure thats a fairly unhealthy habit.  Oh well, not my most unhealthy!

So I finally have some books to read, which is a good thing.  I know you were all worried sick so now you can rest easy.

For the first time in years I know what I am doing several weekends in advance.  I usually don’t know what I’m doing in the next 20 minutes, let alone 20 days.  This is pure craziness!

I’m still on my high school music kick.  I think i need some serious help if I am going to get back to the current era in music.  Someone give me something fun to listen to now! Maybe if some music blogs updated more I’d have something to listen to.

I’ve kind of mentioned this before, but isn’t it weird how crazy the warmer weather makes everyone go.  I’d be interesting to find out how much alcohol sales at lunch on friday goes up at places in the city between May and August.  I’m guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of a whole shitload.

I mentioned I have to go home to Connecticut this weekend.  Ordinarily that’s not so bad, but the reasons that are brining me home are less then desirable.   Luckily, this will be there!  Which will be fucking awesome.  I also just found out a friend from high school is back in town, so I’ll be able to hang out with friends.  That is always a plus.

Did anyone see that Jason Taylor danced to the Monday Night Football theme on Dancing With The Stars?  That…is…awwwwwwwwwwwful.  Oh dear lord, I’m glad i don’t watch that show as a guilty pleasure, because the guilt of seeing that live would have been to difficult for my Irish ass to handle.

So Mariah Carey got married…whats that?  Oh yeah, still don’t care.  I’m sure some of you do tho, so here is a link.

Speaking of not caring, this post on BestWeekEver made me laugh out loud.

I think I’m out of short little useless things to write.  So here is a funny video!

Hey, Ratatouille looks different!


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