In Advance Of Carpal Tunnel

I barely spent anytime on the internet this weekend.   That was probably extremely healthy and I should definitely try to do that more often.

Of course, I did spend a lot of the weekend watching TV, so that probably undid some of that.

Thank God the Yanks finally had a good weekend.  Of course, The Mariners sorta suck, so I don’t know how excited I should get about this.

So I spent the weekend at my parents house. I don’t know if it’s just me, but being home zaps all my energy for the entire time I’m home.  I honestly develop a bad case of mono.  I sleep in all morning, I can’t get up off the couch, I just feel so damn zapped of all energy.  Is this just me reverting back to high school?  Is it suburbia draining me of all motivation to do anything? Do I miss the squeal of the cheap breaks on the bus outside my window?  I just don’t know.

Update on my current addiction: I still can’t get enough of How I Met Your Mother.  I have a serious problem when I get into a new TV show. I think i’m going to purposely wait a full season of a show before starting to watch just so I can gorge on DVD sets when they’re released.  Its so much better.  No commercials, so it just goes!  That’s actually my problem.  I put it on, and I simply can’t stop.  I just watch and watch and watch.  It’s never ending! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

You know its a bad day when the only recurring thought you have is trying to figure out what you are going to do for lunch.  I’m thinking of barbecue, or Chinese, or pizza, I don’t know.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

And because I’m hopelessly obsessed:


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