Well Now I’m Fucked

Over the past week or so I’ve discussed my newest obsession, How I Met Your Mother (man, I am really insufferable when I get into something).  But a blog I happen to frequent now runs a “Tuesday Morning HIMYM” feature.  See, its not just me, the universe is steering my television watching habits.

The worst is that I’ve literally only watched this show a month.  I’ve mostly caught up with season 1 & 2 on DVD, but still.  I really can’t be that obsessed right?  I mean, it’s not at an Arrested Development level yet.

Did anyone else go out drinking for cinco de mayo? I fucking did.  Now I have a hangover and a brand new insecurity (I thought my jeans were fine dammit).  Actually that’s a lie.  I really don’t have a hangover.  I did, and I thought it was gonna linger.  It just kind of evaporated on the train in this morning though.  It could be that I had to stand on the train from Connecticut for an hour cause it was full.  Whatever, at least I finished my book.   Of course now I need a new one..SONOFABITCH!

I might as well update you on one of the first things I wrote about.  People still suck at riding in elevators.  I don’t even want to get into it.  Now I just listen to hardcore while riding down so people look at me funny.  Serves you right you fucks!

I still have to go back to Connecticut for one more night tonight.  I feel bad, but i really can’t take being home for more then two days.  I start to go absolutely insane and have to get out.  I think I made the right call moving out.

And from FilmDrunk, I want to point out the best lede to a movie review ever from the New York Post.

MADE of Honor” is something old, it’s something new, it’s something borrowed and it’s something that blows.

That is all.


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