Good Morning

I think this is a great after party song:

Although I didn’t have a party, If you read the below post you know that I ventured out into the wild last night.  The one nice thing about being back in CT is that I can just pass out when I sit on the train and wake up in Grand Central, so I actually got an extra hour of sleep.  Of course, I woke up an hour earlier then I would have in Brooklyn, so there’s that.  Also, I kinda got a hangover twice, which isn’t very fun.

I hadn’t really been out in Fairfield while Fairfield University/Sacred Heart was in session.  There are some interesting folks that go to both of those school, but I’m sure you could say that about every school.  I’m sure they weren’t all bad.

Funny thing about that video above.  The “Mr President…” lyric seems more relevant now then when Punk In Drublic came out in 1994, and Wild Bill was holding down the fort.

Speaking of the Clintons, does anyone else really wish Hilary would just admit defeat already.  I mean, her speech in Indiana made it seem like she won convincingly.  “The voters of Indiana have proved that they want a blah blah…”  NO THEY DIDN’T.  You barely won Indiana, and got slaughtered in North Carolina.  GAHHH.


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