I saw this clip at the bar on Friday night, and I figured i’d post it. This was probably extremely unpleasant for that guy

I like how they go out of the way to say that it wasn’t her fault.  I suppose there’s some truth to that.  If your standing on a race track you might want to, you know, pay reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllly close attention.

I watched Lars and the Real Girl last night.  I thought it was pretty damn good.  I’m a sucker for movies like that.  The whole socially awkward guy has been done a bit much lately, but the whole dates a sex doll thing was a nice touch.  There were also some awesome deuce-chill inducing scenes when he introduces his “girlfriend” to his brother and sister-in-law that were throughly enjoyable, and not over the top, bordeline unwatchable awkward (like every single Ben Stiller movie in the last 5 years).

I also watched the first 7 minutes of Speed Racer because I was thinking of seeing it. Umm…not so much.  I mean, it just seems so over the top, overly stylized and creepy as all hell.  Like, its just too damn much.  I’m pretty sure people have only ironically enjoyed Speed Racer for the last 10 years, so would I spend 11 dollars to see a completely and totally over the top version of it.

Oh dear god no.  It’s official.  It’s no longer a really strong rumor, but it is really happening.  This is actually going to happen.  It’s officially going to be no longer safe after midnight anymore. Jimmy Fallon has been officially announced as Conan’s replacement.

I kinda wanna see Radiohead this summer, but i don’t wanna spend money on it.  So if anyone wants to buy me those tickets, that would be awesome!

That’s all the thoughts I have for now. I’ll check back later!


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