It’s suuuper slow at my office right now.  I’m so damn bored.  Unfortunately, i’m also uninspired.  I was in Connecticut again last night, and due to the significantly higher amount of plants over Brooklyn, there was a significantly higher amount of pollen.  This makes my eyes significantly drier, and my nose significantly snifflier.  Stupid CT.

I watched an episode Shot At Love with Tila Tequila and my IQ is doing a dive bomb after one viewing.  This is dangerous.

So garfield minus garfield is still one of the best things to ever appear on the internet.  It even greatly improves reading new garfield comics.  Its awesome.

Check out what KitKats are like in Japan.  Weeeeeeeird

Here’s another great moment in misplaced internet advertising.

Remember those Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey that used to run on SNL?  Well CollegeHumor has an awesome interview with that very Jack Handey!  Anyone who likes old SNL, random thoughts, or laughter should read it.  Its really good.

From the East Village Idiot comes another great moment in subway innovations, bringing your own seat!

How about that facebook “look who’s stalking now” (how clever am I?) feature that Gawker pointed out.  They appear to have fix it, but I now know which of you searches for me! Mwuhahahaha.

Hey, it looks like I wrote a link dump! Yay me!


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