Oh well. So much for that game on Friday. Rain outs suck. Oh well.

I wound up going to this place where they served gigantic fish bowls full of alcohol, which was fun.

Of course, that indirectly led to me falling asleep in the back of a cab and having the cabby have to yell and wake me up after we went over the Williamsburg bridge, but hey, shit happens.

I also had a toy alligator in my pocket when i woke up, but I think that needs no explanation, as that should seem totally normal.

Oh well. . .I’m actually working on a somewhat big post for later, but until I get that ready I’ll leave you with this remix of Bill O’Reilly’s meltdown from last week:

Probably NSFW if your work frowns upon foul language. however, if you work at the kind of place where you show your coworkers “2 girls 1 cup” you should be fine.


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