Yup. Today Is Officially Slow

No late morning pick up at work like I was hoping for. It seems today is destined for intense boredom, with an inevitable run of shit to do at about four, making me leaving at six a struggle and a half. I can already tell that I hate today.

I hated yesterday too. Well I hate everyday, but at least yesterday I had a steady stream of work to do. Plus, all the resolutioning (resoluting, resolutizing?)* gave me a little pick-me-up. There was even good TV on last night (for probably the last time until next september). Sadly, today there is nothing but the sorry shell of mundane semi-adult life to get through. I’m cheerful today!

Does anyone else, when they’re writing, compulsively hit the “Shift” key over and over so that stupid sticky keys thing pops up. Admittedly, this is probably just my thing, but it still fucking annoying to see this damn thing 10 times a day.

It pops up all the time. When I’m writing here. When I’m writing an email. Whenever I’m writing I compulsively shift (note: I initially typed shit there). This isn’t a problem at home on my trusty mac. But at work on the god dammed Dell its unbearable.

Hey guess what? Shia Labeouf used to poop himself! Like right up until he got on Even Stevens! Stars, they really are just like u….I mean…uhhh.

Gotta love ESPN’s bold new move in promoting the new 3 Doors Down album. True story, I saw them in high school. They were playing with Fuel. God that is an embarrassing sentence to type out. (because both of those bands sorta really fucking suck)

Did you see this picture yet? If you haven’t, don’t. (See what I did there, no one will be able to resist the temptation to click it, but that can’t get mad at me for it because I said not to. Mwahahaha!!!)

My coworker literally just sent me this video, and it is hysterical. (Not trying to do anything evil with that link, its actually hysterical).

I’m still convinced that Hulu, specificially the Arrested Development page, is the best thing to happen to the internet ever.

Holy Crap! I had no clue that that old Crossfire commercial was so evil. I mean, being banished to hell for losing a game since a little harsh. On a side note, I always wanted Crossfire because those commercials made it look so awesome. Unfortunately, I never got it. I don’t even think I ever played it. It’s probably better, because I remember it as the best thing I never played and not the crappy game that wasn’t as fun as the commercial, like Mouse Trap.

My rap name from Taco Bell: Softy Gee P (found via Gawker)

Oh and by the way:



That’s all I can think of getting around to posting right this second. Ate up a decent chunk of my pre-lunch hour. Which is nice.

*I know its resolving, I’m not THAT dumb. I’m just trying (and failing) to be funny.

2 Responses to “Yup. Today Is Officially Slow”

  1. Hey guess what? Shia Labeouf used to poop himself!

    this sentence made me laugh so hard i had to dive behind my screen. perhaps it’s because i went to see the new Indy movie at midnight last night, yet still had to be at work at 9. i’m in a weird mood.

    i found your blog via 20something bloggers…somehow. nice work!

  2. wishmewell Says:

    haha awesome!
    was Indy any good? I was supposed to see it last night but i’m lame so i didn’t, and now i’m hearing bad things

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