Jason Segal Has Discovered The Secret

After the earlier debacle I noticed that Knocked Up was on at 11 on HBOW (sans HD).  I stumbled around the dial for an hour, trying to find something, ANYTHING to distract me from The Yankees.  So at 11 I flipped to HBOW and enjoyed one of my favorite opening scenes to a movie.  I really wanna fire box to the sweet sounds of ODB:

(I wish I could find the actual opening scene, but whatever, that will have to do)

Watching that opening scene I noticed something, however.  Jason Segal has figured out the secret!

That is right. Jason Segal has discovered the secret to acting. Do you know what it is?

The secret…is facial hair! Seriously though. Look at him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother.

Clean shaven Jason comes off as vulnerable, likeable, and goofy.  You genuinely feel bad for him when his love interests break his heart, but still someone you could see yourself hanging out and drinking with.

Now lets look at him in Knocked Up

Creepy motherfucker who will try hard to bang your wife/girlfriend, but still someone you could see yourself hanging out and drinking with (i suppose some things never change) Seriously though, he doesn’t act that differently in these roles, its all the goatee. Call James Lipton and/or Braun because this man is a freakin genius, and he knows what is up!


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