Might As Well Talk About The Yankees

Ugggh. I really don’t want to talk about this. But unfortunately todays MLB Closer on Deadspin decided to highlight the lowly state of New York baseball (as well as other blogs I frequent). Specifically the Yankees. I mean, I thought Moose was finally starting to look good, but when I flicked on the game last night he wasn’t pitching, it was only 7:30, and it was 10-0. It’s terrible right now. Luckily, today’s Closer reminded me of something

Unless you’re still basking in the afterglow of that Super Bowl victory, its a very bleak picture in New York right now; steel-reinforced shitstorm umbrellas are being feverishly mass produced there as we speak.

YEAH! That’s what I’ll do. The Giants won the freaking Super Bow!!

Uggh, its no use. Sports are supposed to be uplifting, and cheer you up when you’re down, not kick you in the balls by overpaying superstars for 10 years and having it all collapse in spectacular fashion.  Sports are supposed to be where you turn to relax and get away from it all.  Why can’t New York be like that?  Dammit.  Why do I expect nothing short of perfection.  Why can’t I be a Rockies fan. I wouldn’t care how well the team did.  If the game sucks, there’s a fucking water slide.  And when they make the World Series, all the better!

It’s so pointless.  All this back page, what have you done for me lately nonsense.  I realize I was spoiled growing up a Yankee fan in the 90’s, just like Red Sox fans growing up today are spoiled.  Why can’t sports just be a relaxation technique.  I’m just going to start going to Cyclones games.  No one gives a shit (cept for that one really old dude who is always in your section that takes minor league baseball way too seriously, probably because he thinks it feels the void left by the Dodgers)

You know what. Fuck that. I’m going to ride the Cyclone over and over!


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