Say It Ain’t So

I put off seeing the Indiana Jones movie at midnight last night because i’m not nearly as cool as I once was and can’t stay out till 4am every night (plus, i’m broke at hell and movies cost $11.75).  Now, i’m hearing bad things.

It can’t be that bad, right?  RIGHT?

The thing is, I really wanted to see this movie. I was hoping that it would just be mindless entertainment.  It would be fun to watch.  But if it is really that bad I probably won’t wind up seeing it, becuase, well, who wants to go see a movie they know sucks.  Dammit! Someone tell me if this is true.


One Response to “Say It Ain’t So”

  1. i’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…yes. it’s pretty bad. this was the conversation we had afterward:

    friend 1. how long was that movie?
    friend 2. how long does it take to kill your soul?
    friend 1. well, at least it’s not as bad as the new star wars were.
    friend 2. that’s like, “do you want your nails pulled out with rusty pliers? or your teeth?”
    me. that’s like, “do you want your shit sandwich with ketchup? or mustard?”

    however: i think that if you went with someone you knew would enjoy it, no matter how ridiculous it is, it might help matters a little. friend 1 was NOT pleased, and i think that made me more sad about it.

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