Someone Got The Memo

I would like to thank Darrell Rasner for getting my memo yesterday:

He pitched beautifully last night, and it feels good to be a Yankee fan (for today).  It is becoming an increasingly rare event when both the offense and pitching is on for the Yanks, so it was nice to see everything click for once.

Oh, and it’s finally time for instant replay in baseball (as others have pointed out) but two COMPLETELY blown home run calls in three days is unacceptable. Even if they had it just for home runs it would work.  I mean, how far away are these guys from the wall.  It’s ludicrous they can make a good call from that far out when its so close.  Especially when everything is HD!  It wouldn’t lengthen the game at all.  Both Delgado’s home run from Sunday and ARod’s from last night were completely cut and dry.  It would have take three whole seconds for them to look at that and say oh yeah, home run.  Fucking stupid baseball and its stupid “blah blah blah Tradition blah blah blah” bullcrap.  But yeah.  At least the Yanks won!


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