Hey Long Weekend

Everyone that I spend all day on gchat with, (okay there’s only like two people) gets to leave their offices early today.  Dammit.  I wish I had this early out before longs weekends. Whatever, I shouldn’t complain.  I have three whole days off!

I always like memorial day.  My birthday is actually the real memorial day, but in favor of three day weekends i’m fine with celebrating it on monday.
Especially because I have a weekend birthday, get this, FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS!  I have a weekend birthday until 2011.  My 25th will be before a day off.  How awesome is that?  I actually just realized this while writing this out, and now i’m in a good mood.

So apparently it is fleet week.  Who knew?

I saw this linked to at CcInsider, and I watch a lottttttttt of TV News.  So I see a lot of ridiculous captions and stuff like that, so I found it hysterical.   I’d actually seen quite a few of these.  But this one is probably ths funniest one i’ve ever seen!

There is probably some really sad A&E context to this, but I don’t care.  Its just too funny.

So is everyone gonna BBQ this weekend. I know I will.  And by BBQ i mean i’ll stand by a grill and drink beers while observing meat cook.  I’ll let competent people actually cook, because I would rather not accidentally set myself on fire.  Not setting myself on fire is a good day.

I also plan on going in the pool, and ideally, when I come back here on tuesday I’ll be so burned that typing hurts!  I love being irish sometimes!


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