bored on the train

yeah. i’m on the metronorth home and i’m sorta bored. I finished my magazine, so now I have nothing to read (cept for all my new shiny comments, thanks!)

i’m going home to eat a sweet birthday dinner with the rents. my brothers bday is two days after mine, so its technically his too.

so I kinda can’t wait for friday at this point. I usually don’t make a big deal about these things. hell, its not even an important birthday. for whatever reason i’m super psyched for this one. I could be setting myself up for a huge dissapointment, but who knows. the bar i’m going to has skee-ball, and as someone that went down the jersey shore every summer for, essentially, his whole life, I fucking love that game. so even if no one shows up i’ll have something to occupy my time.

the last time a birthday was celebrated it was a rip roaring good time. hopefully the “apologies for what I did drunk” tag will be featured here next week. along with a wild and crazy tale of nyc drunken debauchery. or at the very least the high score in skee-ball


One Response to “bored on the train”

  1. haha. this blog is so pimp.

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