They Made A Movie Out Of This?

Really.  He’s Just Not That Into You is a movie now?

Does that count as a Sex In the City spinoff?  Is that even really where it comes from?  I just don’t understand any of this.  Will this be  romantic comedy that serves to make women even more insecure?  Or is it going to be wrapped with a happy ending bow?  Why is Drew Barrymore in it.  And Scarlett Johansson jumps in a pool naked, and Zack from Wedding Crashers doesn’t immediately jump in?

Why are they basing a movie off of what wikipedia (always trustworthy) calls, “a self-improvement book?”  I am so lost here.  Someone please explain this madness to me!


5 Responses to “They Made A Movie Out Of This?”

  1. I saw something about this and had similar feelings – it seems a bit odd to base a film on a self-help book. Next thing they’ll be making a film out of “The Rules” or an Atkins diet book or something like that . . .

  2. wishmewell Says:

    Haha… a diet movie could be great!

  3. My thing is . . . how’d they get so many big names to sign onto such a lackluster project?

  4. wishmewell Says:

    I’m gonna go on a limb and say money.
    At least i hope it was money, and not taking the role because the believed in the material

  5. Part of me kinda hopes it WAS because they believed in the material, because that would be hilarious!

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