Guess Who Directed This

Go ahead…guess.  Here’s a synopsis:

. . . The Longshots, starring Ice Cube, based on the heartwarming true story of the 11-year-old girl who quarterbacked her team to the Pop Warner tournament, the first girl ever to play in it.  Ice Cube plays the girl’s ne’er-do-well, former football player uncle who coaches her to success.

Write your answers down while you watch the trailer:

So what did you write?

Did you write FUCKING FRED DURST?  Cause that’s who is directing, DIRECTING, that movie.  What the fuck is going on with the world.


2 Responses to “Guess Who Directed This”

  1. No effin’ way!!! From the soundtrack etc I was going for the dude who did “Home Alone”!! FRED DURST!!! Hmm, hope he’s a better director than he is a SINGER!

  2. wishmewell Says:

    oh man i hope we will be so lucky

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