It’s (almost) Time to PARTY

So tonight should be fun, seeing as it is my birthday and all. As I’ve mentioned, I decided I wanted to go to this bar soley because they have this game:

It should be fun. I wonder if I’m good at Skee-Ball drunk. I actually heard that this bar had this game back in like February, and thats when I decided I had to go there. I haven’t actually been yet, so i hope it doesn’t suck.

And screw Patton Oswalt, I’m celebrating this birthday dammit. Although this bit is hilarious:

It’s weird, I usually don’t get very birthday crazy either. Like, I don’t want people to sing to me at the office, or get anything special. I just like it when I go out with a large group of people, and I can swing that tonight, which is nice. Plus, I get to say at bars with things like PBR, which is a plus.

I would go off on a tirade about Sex And the City and what not, but I just plain don’t care. If it was any other weekend I don’t think this movie would show up on my radar. But whatever. If you’re out tonight, take a shot in my name!

(I just want everyone to read the wikipedia page for Skee-Ball, because it’s awesome)


4 Responses to “It’s (almost) Time to PARTY”

  1. skeeball is fun. there’s a bar in SF that has skeeball. while it’s FREE to play, it doesn’t keep score, so kinda annoying.

  2. wishmewell Says:

    yeah. i’m told this one costs money, but it keeps score which is nice. no free drink tickets tho, which is really lame

    i’ve seen it at other bars in the city actually, but its always just a decoration that no one plays

  3. Happy birthday!!! I’ve never even HEARD of skeeball before! It must have missed us in scotch-land! 😦

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