Well That Was Fun

So wanna hear a blow by blow account from my birthday on friday?

I certainly would.  Yeah, I don’t totally remember everything, but I think I got the gist.  But in all seriousness it was very fun, everyone seemed to have a great time, even my friend who would go on to lose her license, credit card, and cellphone (although the former two were recovered, and the latter was accounted for in that she found a piece of it in her bag…oops).

Many shots were poured, as well as beers (they had PBR on tap…fucking sweet!) and I seem to remember someone buying me a cosmo because they are hilarious.  Actually, i’m not sure if that actually happened.  One of my memories is someone saying they were going to buy me a cosmo, but I don’t know if they did it.

It actually seems a lot worse than it really was.  I remember everyone who came and most of the night, I just lost all the different conversations I had.  That was just as much a product of having 100 different conversations as it all the drinking (end rationalization).

And as for skee ball, my scores went progressively downward as the night moved forward, which was to be expected.  Apparently I’m not that good at the game drunk.

Now its back to the real world where I have to sit at my desk all day, bored, surfing the internet looking for something amusing to send around to my coworkers/friends and post here.

One Response to “Well That Was Fun”

  1. Happy Birthday!

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